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Done-For-You Cryptocurrency ready made content

This is Up-to-date content for Summer 2018.
I looked at all the other Cryptocurrency ready made content and realised that not only was it out of date, but a lot of the information was untrue, I don’t blame the content creators the concept of cryptocurrency seems complicated with a lot of strange new vocabulary, Merkle Tree, Blockchain, Hash rate, Mining and with the speed that Cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin’ was thrust into the mainstream as we saw in late 2017 made everyone’s head whirl. While Cryptocurrency is not new, the use and application of technologies like Blockchain is still in its infancy and it is this dawn of a new era that is the focus of this content.


What is Included?

  • Ebook
    1. Cryptocurrency eBook (.pdf)
    2. Cryptocurrency eBook editable (.docx)
    3. Can be repurposed as Blog Articles


  • Lead Magnet
    1. Essential Guide to Blockchain lead magnet .pdf
    2. Essential Guide to Blockchain lead magnet .docx
    3. Can be repurposed as Blog Articles


  • Articles /  Reports
    1. Cryptocurrencies to watch Article (Can be made into tweets, posts, etc)
    2. 5 Quotes from Famous People about Cryptocurrencies (Can be made into tweets, posts, etc)


  • Videos
    1. The History of Digital Currencies
    2. A guide to Blockchain
    3. What are nodes


  • Audio Files
    1. 10 Narration files .mp3
    2. 7 Podcast Episodes (Audio and Backing Music) .mp3
    3. Podcast Trailer (Audio and Backing Music) .mp3


  • Cover Images
    1. eBook Cover.psd
    2. eBook Cover.png
    3. Lead Magnet .psd
    4. Lead Magnet .png
    5. Video Cap group .psd
    6. Video Cap group .png
    7. Video1.png
    8. Video2.png
    9. Video3.png
    10. Podcast player group.png
    11. Podcast Player.psd
    12. Podcast player.png


  • Technical Diagrams
    1. Trusted 3rd Party diagram .png (Author’s own – CClicense License)
    2. Blockchain Diagram.png (Author’s own – CClicense License)
    3. Blockchain payment system diagram .png (Author’s own – CClicense License)


  • Infographic
    1. Know your Crypto Infographic (add your own contact details) .png


  • Image Files
    1. 3 Bitcoin Images (source, With Quote, With Title) CClicense from Unsplash
    2. 2 Coin Images Bitcoin, Etherium (Source With Quote)  CClicense from Unsplash
    3. 4 Assorted Technology Images  CClicense from Unsplash
    4. 2  $ Wordcloud Images
    5. Who is Nakamoto image (Author’s own – CClicense License)
    6. 2 Blockchain Graphics (Author’s own – CClicense License)


  • Plagiarism Check  Report
    1. 100_ Unique plagarism check results<Download>Plagarism Check

Closer Look at the amazing content in this pack

Let’s take a closer look at the amazing Content I am giving you in this pack.  I know that you will not find a better deal, anywhere.


Crypto coverThis is the main product, the eBook which you get as a .PDF and as a Microsoft Word (.docx) file so you can edit it to ‘add your own touch’ expand it, separate it into articles etc it is yours to sell or give away (remember those profits are 100% yours)

  • 18 Pages
  • over 3,700 Word
  • 100% Unique content
  • Professionally written and edited





Lead Magnet Report

A lead magnet for your landing page, or an extra product. This eBook 833 Word report is called An essential guide to blockchain

Cryptocurrency - Ready Made Content 2

Other articles / etc

11 Crypto Currencies to watch – you can turn this into a longer article, write a separate article on each of the Currencies, turn it into an infographic, social media posts… etc


I made 3 explainer education Videos using Lumen 5 stock images and Video footage.  These style of videos are what I used to make for agencies and corporations as a creative Marketing Manager, we would charge between $500 – $2,500 (Yes even with using Stock footage) depending on additional work such as storyboarding and copywriting etc – I did all this for you so the value charged as freelance is $4,500 for this set. But they are yours, for free.

Crypto Video Caps

    • A short History of Cryptocurrencies
  • What is a Node?
  • A guide to blockchain




    Audio Files

    A full set of narrated articles, I already turned this into a podcast for you, I have given you the scripts to, so you can record your own or add them to a presentation or video of your own.

So what you get in 2 folders are
  • the ‘Plain’ narration filesCrypto podcast
  • Seven Podcasts and
  • 1 Audio trailer

Podcasts are more than 20 Mins of audio content complete with atmospheric backing music, add these to a course, your website, youtube etc.


Cover Images

Look at these cover images, everything ready to go for your Landing page, website, offer, squeeze page etc.Covers Crypto pack

Technical Diagrams

3 Custom made simplified Technical Diagrams for use on your website, in your content or however else you can think of using these. Help your readers really understand the technology and application of it.  These diagrams are Easy to understand for the novice but contain the right level of technical details for experienced techies to ‘get it too’.

Tech Diagrams


A detailed Infographic, that you can brand as your own,  filled with facts on the Top 5 Crypto Currencies.Infographic - Know your Crypto

Other Images

CC ImagesThere are 15 images in this folder that you can use in your blog posts, social media and other content. Some are my own images – so you can do anything you want with those, no questions. The majority of images are in the public domain under creative commons licence. I used Unsplash to source these images for you. They are royalty free for personal or commercial use, with no accreditation required.  If you want, you can credit the photographer and Unsplash, but you are not required to do this.  I wrote an article about where to get other free images, on this blog.  I don’t know why other PLR providers don’t seem to do this? But let’s not tell them!  I even edited some of the images adding Text etc to use in your designs. – see some bigger (low-Res) images at the bottom of this post.

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Why is this content pack offered at such a low price?

You might think that this is a low priced product, and it is a very low price, and you would be forgiven for thinking that this means low quality, but I assure you it is not – so how can I sell this so cheap.

Well, I really wanted to make this product, I am really interested in this subject and I have become a bit of an expert.  I am not a Bitcoin Millionaire, I am kind of a risk-averse kind of guy and when I first heard about bitcoin, before the turn of the century (yes I am that old) I didn’t think it would amount to anything, and at that time I didn’t really understand blockchain and mining, and there was no easily consumed information about this new technology.

So I really wanted to write about it.

I usually work either freelance or for large technology companies, and I chose this price after a lot of research,  basically (not including the videos and podcasts) This would be about $4,700 less tax as a commissioned freelance product. But I didn’t create this for a specific client. So there is no guarantee I would find a buyer with these exact requirements.  I thought if I sell as ready-made content and limit it to 100 copies I can sell at $47 and get the same amount for my time, effort, and expertise. And as I am trying to  diversify my business and move from freelance to Readymade (which I honestly believe is the future of online marketing and freelance content providers) so as I am new in this space I am offering at a discount price of $7 for the first 10 copies, then I will raise the price to $47.

Get it now while still $7

Buy Now


Why is this content different?

It is my passion and mission to create the highest quality Cryptocurrency ready-made content and make it available in a limited number to preserve its authority and quality.

  • I have a BSc (Hons) Degree in Computing
  • I have been programming since I was 14 Years old (I am now over 40)
  • For the last 5 Years, I have been working in the High-tech industry in Asia
  • I have friends and colleagues in this industry who are engineers, developers, Professors, who actually know about Cryptocurrency.*
    • And they all have some input and reviewed this content
    • *(One of my friends even gave up their Job 2 years ago to Fulltime mine Bitcoin with his own mining rig that he built at home – this was before most people had even heard of Cryptocurrency)


Low-resolution examples images from this pack

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