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If you have a health and wellness, technology, mums of teens (especially), fitness, education or pretty much any type of blog, then this Tech Neck and how to fix it PLR pack will be perfect for your blog. It is pretty much guaranteed that readers of your blog will be using technology, like smartphones, laptops and iPads in their day to day life. This What is Tech Neck and how to Fix it PLR contains a complete eBook and as it is under a PLR license you can edit it or just put your name on it, give it away, or sell it and keep 100% of the profits.

People who use electronic devices for long periods of time are probably suffering from some symptoms of “tech neck” which is becoming more widespread. Most people experience some of the symptoms like soreness or stiffness of the neck and shoulders at the end of the day and these symptoms can, and do, get worse over time.

This is a Hot Topic as noted in this article from June 2018

Inform your readers about what is Tech Neck and how to fix it through blog articles, the eBook and the social media posts in this Tech Neck and how to fix it PLR. Post the articles on your blog, use them in an email series and use the social media images and posts to promote the eBook the images are my own so after purchasing this Tech Neck full product PLR pack, you can use them as is, edit them, or whatever you want… It contains Video and Audio Presentations, eBook and Articles, Social Media Posts, Social Media Images – in fact Everything you need in this Evergreen content, which will be relevent as long as humans have necks – just check out what’s included.


What’s Included

44 Files in 10 Folders make up this Tech neck Full Product PLR!

  • 1x fully designed eBook (1,675 Words) as PDF
  • 1x editable eBook in Word .docx
  • 1x editable eBook in rich Text .rtf format
  • 1x  Professionally Edited Intro Video (2:26 mins) .mp4
  • 1x  Professionally Edited presentation Video (5:12 mins) .mp4
  • 1x Audio Introduction (Podcast, Narration) (2:16 mins) .mp3
  • 1x Audio Presentation (Podcast, Narration) (4:49 mins) .mp3
  • 1x Presentation File .pptx (Editable)
  • 1x Presentation File .pdf
  • 1x Introduction Presentation file .pptx
  • 1x Introduction Presentation file .pdf
  • 4x Blog Articles (Over 1,400 Words)
  • 1x Flat eBook cover Image
  • 2x 3D eBook Cover Image
  • 1Video Player Image
  • 4x Social Media Images
  • 9x Social Media Posts and Tweets
  • 7x Images 100% Unique Images with a license to use with this purchase in your own product
  • 6x Excercise and Posture composite images
  • 2x Images with Commercial use license from Gratisography (Restrictions may apply)
  • 1x PLR License

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Tech Neck Full Product PLR

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Social Media Images and Posts

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4 Cover images

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The eBook as a PDF and Word

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Audio, Video, Powerpoint & PDF Presentation files

Zip2 Contents

Tech Neck and how to fix it Full Product PLR Product

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