Welcome to PLR-Printables.com?

What is PLR?

PLR or “private label rights“ is a type of license. If you buy article or product with a PLR License it means that you have special rights to it. You can use it in a number of different ways without having to credit the author of the article or source of the product.

Not to be confused with Public Lending Rights

Public lending rights are, the license agreement for Libraries around the world, the agreement between book publishers and libraries for lending books

Why use PLR?

There are many uses for PLR content and many things you can do with it. For example you can take PLR and rewrite it, add PLR articles together to make an eBook, break lengthy PLR content apart and create smaller articles or just re edit it to suit your own purpose.

The possibilities are almost endless you can add your own links, make a niche site, make an eBook, an infographic.  Use it to get your blog started, or drive traffic to your landing page or website. Make a newsletter, Fill a blank blog and generate traffic to boost your adSense earnings.


PLR content, can be great, but it can also be very bad. There are two ways to look at the PLR license;

1) you get all the benefits I mentioned previously

2) so does everyone else who buys it.


There are a number of FREE PLR sites that list hundreds of articles but I wouldn’t recommend that you use content from them, AS-IS if you care about your audience. I will post some ways that you can still use that FREE content without ‘selling out’ yourself and losing readers quicker than you thought possible.


Don’t despair! You can find high quality ‘niche articles’ or limited release content, and content that is well written using correct grammar and spelling.   


I have a collection of FREE PLR articles here on plr-prinbtables.com that I am happy to share with my audience, because I DO care. And it is ready to use with just a few minimal tweaks.


And I also have some really HIGH QUALITY paid PLR that I can link you to.