12 Months of PD Content 1

12 Months of PD Content

Get A Year’s Worth of “Creating an Effective Personal Development Plan That Gets You On Track with Your Goals”
Content To Create Instant Products and Grow Your Audience Quickly… , yes, a full 12 months of PD Content!!

Choose the Monthly Option or Grab all 12 Months Right Now for Even Bigger Savings!

Get this Brand New and Fully-Editable and Brandable Content in a variety of Multi-Billion Dollar Industry with Complete Private Label Commercial Use Rights

Get 12 Months of PD Content, with PLR

It all comes with complete private label rights with commercial-use rights…so it’s your to develop and use, just about any way you’d like.

This is business-building content that makes it easy to:

  • Give the reports away as an opt-in offer to grow your list, add it to your membership site and more.
  • Each report comes with an ecover set, so you have built-in visual promotion opportunities for each report.
  • The articles are perfect for your blog, membership site, social media…or bundle them up into another report.
  • Create quick printables like journals, coloring books, card decks, etc.
  • The product /poster templates can be used for printable wall art posters and book inserts. They can also be used for print on demand products like mugs, t-shirts and more.
  • There’s tons of social media fodder. From the card images to the posters and articles, there’s a lot of great stuff to share. Use them as posts, stories and more.
  • Selling printable or print-on-demand journals. These are fully done and ready go.
  • Put together an in-depth course to teach your students to create an effective personal development plan. You have the educational materials, practical tools and marketing materials to make it happen.
  • This is also perfect for loading up your membership site and teaching the valuable skill of creating a personal development plan.
  • Create product bundles with the matching journals or card decks. Bundle up the value and customers are more likely to say yes to buying.
  • Bundle up all the reports into a book you put up for sale. It’s that simple.
  • Change the easy-to-edit journal designs to appeal to different audiences. These are totally editable and adaptable.
  • Create high-value and easy gifts to ship to your very best clients.
  • Use the images as beautiful blog or writing prompts. Just add the image to your post and start writing your thoughts on what the saying means to you and how your clients might benefit from it. And if you’re selling the deck or templates as well, make sure to link to it from all the posts.

That’s just touching the tip of the iceberg. But either way, we’ve done all the hard work. All you have to do is take it and run with it.

man in black leather jacket and red pants standing beside white board

Business Ideas that Make Money PLR

Build Your List, Grow Your Reach, And Stop Worrying About Constant Content Creation!

Grab this and share Business Ideas that make money.

This is so good I made a YouTube video about it

You’ll get all this:

  • 30 high quality plr articles – minimum of 400 words
  • 30 emails to help you share the articles
  • 30 social media posts
  • Ebook Compilation of the articles included

This can be a downloadable guide, an email newsletter series, A months worth of daily blog posts, or whatever else you decide to make it – and with PLR Rights you can put your name on it, give it away, or sell it and keep 100% of the profits

Get Business Ideas that make Money PLR

30 Emails and 30 Articles

This PLR Bundle includes 30 articles and 30 email messages. Just copy and paste and you’re good to go.

Here’s a quick glance at the 5 titles we have for you inside:

  • Essential Guide to Starting a Blogging Business
  • How to Grow a Profitable YouTube Channel
  • Five Steps to Creating an Amazon Kindle eBooks Business
  • A Quick Guide to Starting a Retail Arbitrage Business
  • How to Make Money Starting an Amazon Private Label Products Business
  • Four Tips to Starting a Successful Poshmark Business
  • Six Etsy Small Business Ideas That Anyone Can Start
  • How to Start a Home Bakery Business
  • Five Steps to Starting a Proofreading or Editing Services Business
  • Starting a Podcasting Business
  • Six Sustainable and Rewarding Business Ideas for Graphic Designers
  • Four Important Tips to Starting a Life Coaching Business
  • Start an Online Personal Training Business Today in Four Easy Steps
  • Five Ways to Increase Your Cleaning Business Profits
  • How to Run a Profitable Home Photography Business
  • Five Important Freelance Writing Business Tips to Know
  • Four Home Improvement Business Ideas to Know About
  • How to Run a Profitable Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business
  • How to Start a Home Daycare Business
  • Six Tutoring Business Ideas to Launch Right Away
  • Five Highly Profitable Digital Products to Sell
  • Starting a Food Truck Business
  • Starting a Successful Health Coaching Business
  • Starting a Virtual Assistant Business
  • How to Launch a Tax Preparation Business From Home
  • Five Steps to Launching a Social Media Management Company
  • Starting an Online Travel Agency
  • How to Start a Wedding Planning Business
  • 5 Tips to Starting a Tech Support Business
  • Five Profitable Live Streaming Businesses to Start Today
A Year Of Positive Thinking PLR

Get A Year of Positive Thinking PLR

Are You Ready to Reach the Pinnacle of Success in the Hottest Evergreen Niche? – A Year of Positive Thinking

Get A Year of Positive Thinking PLR 2

Positive thoughts not only give us positive energy but also decrease the negative energy by keeping all the worries and distractions at bay.

Mental health is a very important aspect that needs to be considered by everyone.

A positive thinking approach helps in boosting your enthusiasm, increasing your lifespan and helping you achieve tremendous success.

Keeping this in mind, this is a GOLDMINE opportunity for entrepreneurs who’re looking for a Super Hot niche to profit from while helping others with their problems.

And more people are looking online for solutions to their problems than ever before, a no-brainer will know that Digital Marketing is the modern way of marketing for ANY Businesses (Coaches, Consultants, Marketers, and even Offline Business Owners).

Get A Year of Positive Thinking


Expert written training guide on Positive Thinking.

(Value – $1500)

This guide will walk you through the best strategies and knowledge on developing Positive thinking, positive habits, and lifestyle. These are based on the most extensive scientific research available to enable you to deliver massive value and get high-paying, long-term customers.

Also Included to help you sell your personally branded guide;

  • Professionally Written Email Templates
  • 6 Professional Mini-Sites
  • A Sales Page
  • Legal Pages
  • A Sales Video
  • Social Media Graphics
  • 10 Unique Articles
  • Professionally Designed Graphics
  • Animated Banners
  • PLR Rights for you to rebrand and sell and keep 100% of the Profits

And if you buy A Year of Positive Thinking today, you get these FAST ACTION Bonuses:

  • A Cheat Sheet
  • A Mind Map
  • A Top Resources Report

Total Value is over $4,000, and don’t forget – This is PLR so you can edit, put your name on it, and pocket ALL the profit!

A Year of Positive Thinking

So grab yours today for under $10!

PLR Memeber Formula Package


Yes, this PLR Member Formula – comes with a PLR license!

So you can Grab the Full Private Label Rights To This Exclusive Lead Magnet Package That Makes It Extremely Simple For Anyone To Build A List From Scratch!

You’re getting a Brand New Report that’s Ready To Publish. It includes Beautiful Professionally Created Graphics as well as a fully Mobile Responsive Lead Capture Page and Delivery Page.

  • 5400+ Word Ready to Publish Report
  • Mobile Ready Lead Capture & Delivery Pages
  • Professional Product Image Graphics
  • Editable Source Files Included
  • Fresh Content: Never Sold Or Used Before
  • Fully Rebrandable PLR Rights Included

As you know, PLR is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to kickstart your online businesses. So that’s why all of this content comes complete with Private Label Rights and includes the source files to make editing the content easy for you.

Grab this today!

What’s included:

5400+ Word Report

This is an expertly written report that’s jam-packed with over 5400 words of juicy content your new subscribers will love. It’s already pre-formatted and ready to go with its own table of content and page numbers.

While this report is ready to publish as-is, you can always change anything you want to make this report your own and unique to you!

Lead Capture & Delivery Pages

Included is a set of professionally designed Lead Capture and Delivery (Thank You) pages so you can get started building your list TODAY with very little effort on your part.

These are standalone pages that don’t require any additional software to run. They’re fully mobile responsive and automatically adapt to the size of the device viewing them.

Professionally Designed Graphics

You’ll also get a professional set of product graphics which you can use along with the mobile responsive lead capture and delivery pages that are included. You also get the PSD source files to these professional designer quality graphics!

Fully Editable Source Files

We all know the best way to get the most out of PLR content is to rebrand it and make it fit your own style. That’s why we’ve included all the source files to make it easy for you. This includes the original DOCX file for the report, and PSD source files for all the graphics.

Secret Email System

The Secret Email System – Offer

Check out The Secret Email System and see how he built a 7-figure business with nothing but emails?

If you’re looking to start…
Scale or grow…
A digital business in 2022 and beyond…

Master online marketer, Matt Bacak, just revealed how he built a 7-figure online business using nothing but “ethical email marketing” to drive sales & commissions…
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Trust me, this is not like ANY email marketing course or method you’ve ever seen before…
Matt is known for challenging the status quo and testing everything — even if it means going against the grain…

In fact, sometimes the best results are gotten when you do the OPPOSITE of what everybody else does…
The Secret Email System is a counterintuitive approach to creating and running an online business, specifically the freedom/lifestyle model, that allows you to build a profitable long term business that gives you the freedom, fun & adventure…

Check it out and grab your copy before the price goes up again…

Get The Secret Email System

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unrecognizable woman holding bottle of red juice against white wall

The Protective Effects of Antioxidants PLR

Check out this Protective Effects of Antioxidants PLR – We hear a lot about antioxidants on the health front, but it may not be clear to everyone what they are and why they’re important. Now you get to tell others about the Protective Effects of Antioxidants PLR

Build Your List, Grow Your Reach, And Stop Worrying About Constant Content Creation!

First, antioxidants are not new. Our bodies produce their own antioxidants and fresh fruits, vegetables, and some vitamins also boost our bodies with additional antioxidants. While antioxidants may be nothing new, understanding them and learning how to benefit from them is on the rise.

Antioxidants are an essential way to combat illness and disease in the body and fight free radicals that cause oxidative stress. Keeping a healthy balance of antioxidants and free radicals should be the goal.

In the Protective Effects of Antioxidants PLR, You’ll get all this:
5 high quality plr articles – minimum of 400 words
5 social friendly images that also work as blog post images
5 emails to help you share the articles
5 social media posts
Ebook Compilation of the articles included

Get The Protective Effects of Antioxidants PLR

5 Emails and 5 Articles

This PLR Bundle includes 5 articles and 5 email messages. Just copy and paste and you’re good to go.

Here’s a quick glance at the 5 titles we have for you inside:
What are Antioxidants and Why do You Need Them?
Healthy Foods with Antioxidant Benefits
Drink to Your Health with these Antioxidant Beverages
Fight Free Radicals with these Important Life Hacks
Tips to Easily Boost Your Daily Intake of Antioxidants

person in blue crew neck t shirt holding brown potted green plants

Looking Within for Healthy Personal Growth PLR

A Large PLR bundle all about Looking within for Healthy Personal Growth

Build Your List, Grow Your Reach, And Stop Worrying About Constant Content Creation!

When evaluating what’s not working in our lives, we tend to look at other people or situations and how they are making it harder than we’d like for us to be, do, and have the things we want.

It’s true, sometimes we can attribute our lack on the influences people and situations have, but sometimes it’s important to ask a specific question… is it me?

We live in busy times. Busyness is glorified and having more than you can possibly accomplish on your plate is common.

While it’s admirable to have the skills to manage a hectic and busy life, it definitely has its drawbacks.

If you’re too busy, it can impede self-reflection. Self-reflection is the antidote for an unexamined life.

This 30-day challenge is designed to help your readers, and get them looking within for healthy personal growth.

In the content you share helpful tips and advice and to go along with it, emails go out each day that point readers to the new content and challenge them to follow along.

With this content bundle, you challenge your readers to examine their lifestyle so they can experience the benefits of Looking within for Healthy Personal Growth.

You’ll get all this:

  • 3 10-packs of articles (30 total),
  • 3 10-packs of emails (30 total),
  • 30 social media posts,
  • and an eBook compilation…

Get Looking Within for Healthy Personal Growth PLR

Here’s a quick glance at the 30 titles we have for you inside:

  • 10-Pack #1: Understanding the Value of Self-Reflection
  • 10-Pack #2: Using Self-Reflection for Health and Relationships
  • 10-Pack #3: Using Self-Reflection for a Better Quality of Life
Eliminating Self-Doubt


a completely done-for-you personal development information product called 

“I BELIEVE — Eliminate Self-Doubt”.

Eliminate Self-Doubt

There are 2 very specific functions of this product:

  1. To provide you with tips, advice and strategies on “eliminating self-doubt”. By taking control, we can shape our life the way we would like it to be.
  2. To provide you with your own fully customizable digital product on this topic that you can help your audience do the same!

With the ELIMINATE SELF-DOUBT info-product, you get a full digital product AND the “usage rights” to the content so you can sell it as your own and keep 100% of the profits!

pre-made ebook, articles, lead generation report, slide decks and social media content, marketing graphics and more!

So instead of having to build your own product from scratch, you can start with our content package, add your own “flare” and have your own digital product up and selling on your website in a fraction of the time!

Please see the following excerpt from this PLR report…

a pregnant woman meditating

Taking Your Exercise Routines Online – Virtual Athletics PLR Pack

Another great PLR Offer to Build Your List, Grow Your Reach, And Stop Worrying About Constant Content Creation! This time all about Virtual Athletics.

woman wearing white sleeveless top
Photo by Valeria Ushakova on Pexels.com

Exercise is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. Consistent exercise is good for the body and the mind.

The average recommendation for physical activity is a minimum of 30 minutes per day. There are unlimited ways to spend 30 minutes on physical fitness. Working in your yard qualifies, as does going to the gym. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as it gets your heart rate up, builds muscle, and maintains your overall health.

While the gym may be an ideal situation for a lot of people, there are reasons why people prefer to or must work out from home. This is often referred to as Virtual Athletics.

When that’s the case, having a virtual gym makes sense.

You’ll get all this:

  • 5 high quality plr articles – minimum of 400 words
  • 5 social friendly images that also work as blog post images
  • 5 emails to help you share the articles
  • 5 social media posts
  • Ebook Compilation of the articles included

The topics for the articles, emails, and social media posts are:

  • Reviving Your Exercise Routine Just Got Easier
  • Your Home Can be a Virtual Gym
  • Apps that Take Your Physical Health to New Levels
  • Battle Isolation by Taking Your Workout Online
  • Tips for Choosing the Best Online Resources for Virtual Athletics


a woman engaged in online selling

Live Streaming for Business – PLR PACK

Build Your List, Grow Your Reach, And Stop Worrying About Constant Content Creation with this Live Streaming for Business – PLR PACK!

Live streaming is a powerful marketing tool. In fact, nearly 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it online, and almost 80% want to see more social media content from their favourite brands, which means if you’re going to make more money, take advantage of live streaming content.

Live streaming can add a more competitive edge to your brand and business. If you want to better engage and communicate with your audience while generating more leads and revenue, you should add it to your marketing strategy.

This 30 Days of live streaming for business will ALLOW YOU to teach your readers how they can create a strategy around live streaming to grow their business.

In the content you share helpful tips and advice and to go along with it, emails go out each day that point readers to the new content and challenge them to follow along.

With this content bundle, you challenge your readers to use live streaming to expand their reach and grow their business.

You’ll get all this:
30 articles, 30 emails, 30 social media posts, eBook compilation, our handy “How to Run an Email Challenge” Guide, an eBook and Workbook.

a man in checkered shirt on a video call
Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

Topics Include:

  • Why Start Live Streaming?
  • Eight Steps to Starting a Live Streaming Business
  • Starting Your First Live Stream on Facebook
  • Ten Tips to Improving Your Live Stream Content
  • & More…

Get the Live Streaming for Business PLR Pack Here

Take a look at the full list of topics you can use as articles, guides or training material – like video scripts

  • How Live Streaming Can Improve Any Business
  • Live Streaming Niches to Choose From
  • Top Five Live Streaming Platforms
  • Important Live Streaming Software to Learn
  • How To Set Up and Optimize Your Live Stream
  • Essential Live Streaming Tools and Equipment
  • Seven Tips for First Time Streamers
  • Top Microphones for Better Live Streaming Audio
  • Don’t Forget Your Live Streaming Business Plan
  • How Profitable Can Live Streaming Really Be?
  • The Best Cameras for Live Streaming
  • Why Consistency Is Key for Live Streaming
  • What You Should Do Before, During, and After Live Streaming
  • Live Streaming Terminology to Understand for Better Success
  • Six Marketing Tips for Living Streaming
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid While Live Streaming
  • How to Grow Your Live Stream Audience
  • Tips To Better Engage Your Audience During a Live Stream
  • E-mail Marketing Tips for Live Streaming
  • Live Streaming Do’s and Don’ts
  • Seven Tips for Getting Starting on Twitch
  • How to Pay Taxes as a Streamer
  • Five Things Every Streamer Should Have to Be Successful
  • How to Live Stream on YouTube
  • Live Streaming Best Practices for Business
  • How to Improve Your Confidence on Camera While Live Streaming
  • Five Key Live Streaming Metrics to Keep Track Of
  • How to Live Stream on A Budget
  • Four Ways to Repurpose Your Live Streaming Content
  • How to Improve Your Living Streaming Content

Grab your copy today!

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