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With this content, you can show your readers how to work from home while still enjoying life.

Working from home when you’re used to having your own office, or at the very least a cubicle, can be a bit of a challenge. All of a sudden you are in a very different environment that includes your fridge, your washer and dryer, your TV and these days even your kids.  

You may even be staring down a pile of dirty dishes and the internet goes in and out making virtual meetings a bit of a challenge. In other words, you’re out of your regular work environment, and thus out of your routine and everything you do to stay productive.

But it has become the norm for many of us, especially over the last year.

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Unfortunately, most people are not taught how to manage their personal finances.  They go out into the world and start racking up debt with no idea how to get out of it.

With this done-for-you content bundle, you’ll be able to teach your audience what personal finance is, how to manage it in their life and how to protect themselves against fraud.

In this content bundle, you’ll have a report that you can use as an opt-in and a 10 day eCourse that answers some of the frequently asked questions that you can use as an email sequence that starts going out after they opt into the report.

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Become a Super Ager! 5 Articles, Emails, and Social Media Images

The term super-ager refers to men and women in their 70’s and 80’s who have the mental and physical health of someone decades younger.

Studies show age isn’t always an indicator of health or ability when it comes to the older generation. It’s possible for someone to be in their 70’s but biologically be in their 40’s. That’s because some people have the mental and physical stamina of someone much younger despite being considered elderly.

There is a natural decline in physical and cognitive ability as we age; however, there isn’t a standard. We can prevent the diminishing of our bodies and brains no matter our age. Super-agers retain high functioning minds and bodies despite their legal age.

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When it comes to personal growth and learning, we can have one of two mindsets. A fixed mindset or a growth mindset. They refer to the underlying beliefs and notions we have about approaching new material and dealing with the unknown. But what it really boils down to is how you approach the challenges life throws your way. Do you see them as obstacles and do what you can to avoid them? Or do you use them as a chance to grow and get better at what it is you do?

That difference is one of the reasons it’s important to develop a growth mindset. It helps you make progress, get better, and – as the name implies – grow as a human being. To put it another way, it’s up to you and the mindset you develop whether you’re stuck where you’re at right now, or whether you can motivate yourself to make progress and move up in the world. I think it’s fair to say that none of us want to feel stuck.
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Sales Funnels – Free Webinar Training

If you use PLR or even if you are selling your own products you need to know this!

Funnels are the path your prospects on when they come from your website to becoming buyers.

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Why Business Planning Is The Secret To Success For The Coming Year

The Secret To Success For The Coming Year

In this post I will reveal The Secret To Success For The Coming Year. But first, WOW! Can you believe it! – This weekend we hit the 12th month of 2018. I can hardly believe it – what a year!

I started in April 2018 (without a plan) I knew I wanted to launch my a website and earn some money online, really just as a proof of concept and in that respect, it has been a successful year. I earned my first affiliate commission and my first $100 from selling other peoples products. I earnt my first $100 from selling a product I made from scratch. This year I launched 5 websites;

This Website;,,,,


and it is scaling! But I know I could have made a lot more and quicker too if I had a plan. looking back I did everything I know is wrong; launch more than one website at the same time (I did this twice) you will hear many IMs saying not to do this, and I can’t agree with them more, I work a full-time Job too, I have a family and 2 children thinking that you can juggle all thses things and launch more than one business (no matter how small) is just not possible. I chose more than 1 authority platform… I could write a whole blog post about this, and I probably will but one think I realised is that, Planning is The Secret To Success For The Coming Year.


 The Secret To Success For The Coming Year


Do you set aside time regularly to plan what you want to do in your business? If it’s not something you currently do, I strongly encourage you to embrace it for the remainder of this year as well as the one coming up. Setting aside time at the end of the year, to plan out what I want to do and more importantly what growth I want to achieve in the coming year has been crucial to my own success. Over the next seven days, I want to share some of what I’ve learned and what I’ve found helpful with you.

Let’s start off by taking a look at why business planning is “the secret” to success. There are a few different factors that come into play here. The first is efficiency. When you go in with a clear plan, you can focus on what’s most important. Instead of spending time trying to figure out what you should be working on, what pieces of the puzzle are missing from your product funnel, or what you need to do to break through to the next income level, you know exactly what needs to come next.

As we’ll explore in a future blog post, with a clear goal in mind and a plan for the year, it becomes easy to walk backwards to create effective and efficient daily to-do lists. Work on what needs to get done each day and you will reach your goals.

Next, setting a big goal for yourself helps you think outside the box. If you don’t believe me, try it. Decide on a big income goal for the coming month. Write it down. Keep it in front of you. Then get to work and start to notice what happens next. You start to think of things that didn’t occur to you before. You come up with creative ways to get more traffic. You decide to run a fun promo that adds dollars to your bank account. The same happens when an important deadline comes up unexpectedly. Think back on that time in college when finals rolled around, or the last time your in-laws told you they would stop by later in the day. You got very creative about studying and cleaning respectively.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the subconscious. So far we’ve been focused on what we are actively doing to make progress by making a plan, setting goals and following through. There’s another dimension to all this and that’s what’s going on in our subconscious mind. While we are busy plowing through our to-do list, cooking dinner for the family, and even sleeping, our subconscious mind is working towards those goals as well.

In short, planning and setting goals is important because it helps you grow faster. That means you end up with more money for yourself and your loved ones while spending less time slaving away at your desk. The Secret To Success For The Coming Year is really that simple.



This Shocking fact made me rethink GDPR Compliance

Just because the barrage of consent emails have stopped and it is no longer frontpage news doesn’t mean you can forget about GDPR Compliance. Recently, I have been doing some research and I discovered something that really shocked me. But I guess it is not actually surprising when you consider what we know about human nature and how busy people are. Especially small business owners trying to make a living.

Before I tell you what I discovered – I want to make sure that you understand why you need to care, even if you are one of those people trying to make a living. (who isn’t one of those people?)

Just to make sure we ARE all on the same page, we are talking about the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR.

And if you have so far avoided finding out what that is let me briefly bring you up to speed. The European Commission set out plans for data protection reform in January 2012, its mission to make Europe ‘fit for the digital age’. GDPR was enforced from 25th May 2018. With some groundbreaking new legislation giving control of ‘personal data as a commodity‘, back to the individual.

Did you know…

When you employ new staff, when you take on projects for new clients, both you and they need to be GDPR Compliant.  This means that to ensure you are compliant, you are responsible to ensure your staff are aware of their responsibilities under GDPR.

Your new clients and projects you do for them can also put you at risk, if they are not compliant you cannot be compliant. GDPR compliance is a requirement for any business in the world who ‘touches’ the private data of individuals residing in the EU. And the truth is we can never be sure. To do so we would need to keep track of every piece of data both now and in the future of every person on our lists and databases.

I discovered this shocking fact!

Many small businesses think they can sneak under the radar of the EU legislators and be slack with their data privacy obligations, usually because they simply don’t understand what they need to do. And for the most part, this may be ok, but we can’t control when things might go wrong.

  • Data hacks cause you to leak data!
  • Marketing emails that are sent to EU citizens or EU residents

Yes, if the data subject resides in the EU when they get your email, not when you got their email address and they haven’t given consent you are at risk of being exposed to the heavy-handed fines of 4% of income or up to €20,000,000 (whichever is greater)

The solution…

The best solution is to be compliant. In the first few months after GDPR came into effect, Canada, California, and several other states and nations have stated that they will bring their privacy laws inline with GDPR. So, this will be back on people’s minds again and again over the next few years.

But you don’t need to panic, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on GDPR compliance awareness training. The EU is not out to punish everyone, they just want you to be aware of your GDPR compliance obligations and to genuinely care about the personal data of your customers.

I created this GDPR Webinar ready content as part of the GDPR PLR Content Pack update to help solve this problem. I have completed a similar project for a corporate client, and I am now offering a convenient solution to small businesses, not only in Europe, but across the globe.

I am passionate about data privacy, for the last 10 years it has been a major part of my 9-5 working life and I believe that it is something we all need to care about.

GDPR is not supposed to be about big scary fines thing that could cause you to lose your business.

I know this is not Marketing 101, but think about it this way.

“If someone on your marketing list didn’t give you consent to be on your list it basically means they don’t want to be on your list. And if they don’t want to be on your list then they are not going to buy from you. At best they will be annoyed , at worst they will report your emails as spam, EVEN if your intentions were good and if you get blacklisted you won’t be able to email the people who will buy from you!”

As far as those of us trying to make a living are concerned, awareness is the first and most important thing, we need to do. Actually, it is not that hard and I you can make it even easier for you, your staff, and your clients.


 This GDPR PLR Pack is on sale now! 

Watch the short video below to learn more.

This GDPR PLR Pack is on sale now! UPDATED in September 2018 it includes Brand New Material like this:

  • eBook
  • eCovers
  • GDPR Privacy Policy Templates
  • Articles
  • Webinar ready content
  • PLR license for all content

I am really pleased with how this turned out and I hope it continues to give people valuable information and protection. But, most of all I hope it helps keeps all of us on the right path when it comes to GDPR Compliance.

The 5 parts of a perfect Listicle

If you have ever experienced the sudden realisation you have lost a few hours to an internet ‘timesuck’ the chances are that Buzzfeed is to blame, or more specifically a listicle.

Listicles are those articles that are structured as a list. There is ‘something’ about the presentation of content in list form that makes it hard to leave the page. The items on the list are usually Top 3, 5, 10 with a paragraph or two explaining each point or massive lists like 45 or 100 ways to… Generally the more items on the list the shorter the accompanying text is.

I usually manage to tear myself away after 15 -20 but maybe I just have a really short attention span.

But as I start to go through a list I am possessed, completely drawn to what’s next on the list. And usually if I do manage to leave the list invariably there is an irresistible title to tempt me into another zombie scrolling session. Although there is one variation that I loathe, with a passion. And that is those structured so that you have to click next page to get the next juicy tidbit. I guess I feel happier when there is a less blatant way to get me to see ads, and view pages.

Listicles are actually not as easy to write as you may think. Condensing ideas or facts into a few short sentences and even deciding which are important enough to include can be challenging.
Now, an article about listicles just wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t written as a listicle so here are my 5 parts of a perfect Listicle.

1. The Title Goes First.

The Title of a listicle needs not only to give the audience details of the content it needs to convince them to read it. It is estimated that only 20% of people continue to read an article while 80% never get past the title
You can, of course, edit the title after completing the listicle but deciding on the title before writing the list will control your writing style and the information you research.  Remember,we need short to the point text not rambling prose to make a good listicle. The title needs to capture target the reader’s attention, state what information a reader will learn and how much of information the listicle contains (the number of point on the list).  There are a number of styles of lists Top 10 lists, Random lists, Guides, and Checklists, cheat sheets and so on. So, 5 reasons to… Top 20… 200 ways to… are the kind of titles you will see on listicles

2. Do the Research

If you are going to list the most important parts of a subject then you need to know more than just what you list so unless you are already a subject matter expert (well even if you are a subject matter expert) you need to do in-depth research on the subject
Effective research is time-consuming, but important. Make sure you find and use trustworthy sources and know your subject well.


3. Choosing the Content

To decide What Information to Include it is a good idea to research your competition. Don’t copy their list, find out things they missed and build your list out of those facts.
Make your listicle more useful and detailed than others on that subject or choose a slightly different angle, if it will benefit the reader.

4. Break it Up

If your list is long or contains lots of text add pictures or use subheadings to break it up and  make it easier to read. Especially if you are writing a 100 ways to… article you may wish to group points that logicall go together under a subheading to enable skimming, as it is unlikely anyone will read the whole list.

5. Add an Introduction and Conclusion

You may be forgiven for thinking that if you have a great list and a great title then you are done, but if your title has enticed someone to read more then a strong introduction will draw them in further. Just like the title the introduction needs to make them hungry for more.
Reward the readers who make it to the end of your listicle with a strong conclusion, don’t just leave them wondering why they read it. In your conclusion repeat what you think your readers need to remember. Don’t add anything extra just summarize what you said previously. Encourage feedback from your readers or encourage them to take action.




The key to a perfect listicle is a compelling title, good research, great content, well organised text, and a strong introduction and conclusion. Listicles are still effective pieces of content, but as they are so popular it takes skill and hard work to make them stand out. Try including these 5 parts in your listicle and let me know the results.


The value of Social Proof

Reviews and testimonials are traditional forms of social proof. They are so valuable for marketers because of how real they are.

There are a number of ways to present social proof to your prospective customers.

A short form that works well for high sales volume sites a simple plugin for showing notification boxes showing recent purchases to visitors can be really effective especially by adding a sense of urgency when the stock is limited.

Quotes from satisfied customers are slightly longer and can be quite detailed adding profile photo’s raises authenticity and value.

Testimonials can be slightly longer, and if written by people in your niche or industry, can be very powerful because they provide a good level of detail and Authority.  They could also be written by people know in your industry much like getting a foreword written by someone well known in a book.

If you sell B2B you can get video-based reviews, but it is unlikely that members of the public will want to record a video testimony unless you have an exceptional product or you offer a good incentive.

Consider the Health industry and personal training niche, if you successfully help someone lose weight and get in shape, they may be interested in sharing their achievements and their journey.

At the other end, the long form is case studies are more in-depth stories and work better when written by clients who have bought and used your products and services and have achieved or exceeded their expected results.

Case studies deal with the before-and-after – the problem and the solution and include the action they took, and what the end results were. Case studies often provide images and statistics to visualise what was done and what results were obtained.

  • What problem were you experiencing?
  • What other products had you already tried?
  • Who implemented our product?
  • What results did you get in the end?
  • Why was our product the right solution for you?

Ask for screenshots and reports if possible. Get a legal release form that will allow you to use the material. Be sensitive about not disclosing any information that might harm the person or company in any way.

Getting Social Proof

In order to get customer stories, you have to ask. If you sell info products like eBooks, you can ask reviews to be written on sites with high authority, that your product is sold on, like Amazon and replicate them or link to them from your own site.

A post-sale survey or follow up could be a good way, especially if you target repeat customers, that way you know that they must be pleased with their purchases.

You can create a template that offers suggestions on what to include in a review. It could be something like:

  • What problems they had.
  • What other products they tried
  • Why your product was chosen
  • What were the end results
  • Why would they recommend your product, service, or solution.

This will help get more authentic and real-life details and avoid all your reviews looking the same, it also eases the burden on the writer. You need to make it as painless as possible for your customer.

Promoting Social Proof

Once you get your social proof, you need to share it:

  • On your site
  • In your emails
  • On your blog or landing page
  • On other sites like Amazon
  • On social media
  • As part of your email signature in emails
  • discussion boards

Gather some social proof from your customers and use it in your marketing and see what results you get.  Trust is everything and buyers are greatly influenced by what other people say.

5 Tips for telling your story

In this post, there are 5 Tips for telling your story, which when done correctly, will increase customer loyalty and boost your sales.

Most Marketers know the Rule of seven, it is an old marketing concept that has stood the test of time. It basically means that you need to build a relationship with customers before they buy.  Don’t focus on the number too much, 7 is cited as the number but it is by no means a magic number and the number of interactions that need to take place before a sale varies greatly depending on a number of factors. Just know that it is a number of times and closing a sale straight away is rare, it happens, but it is rare.

These days the best way to build that relationship is through story-based marketing, and it is not just for big brands, it is just as important for small companies too. When customers feel connected to your brand it builds loyalty and helps generate sales.

Here are 5 Tips for telling your story

1. Be Relevant

Your Brand Story Is Important but It Is Not All about You. Many people admire those like Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Steve Jobs because they founded multibillion-dollar companies from nothing with very humble beginnings like their parents’ garage. They had a vision of success and followed it, and never gave up. Their brand stories help us to forge an emotional connection that makes us feel like we are part of their success. But, your brand story is not just why you started your business and what drives your efforts,  it is not only about you. It is about the effect your story has on your target audience.

There could be any number of personal reasons why you started your business, like starting a college fund for your kids. But consider what your wider concerns were – such as going green, helping with animal rights, or to give yourself the flexibility to care for loved ones. Then your mission will be about so much more than just making money.

Your brand is not just about shopping; it’s about enhancing lives, so anything you can include in your story that emphasizes this should resonate with your audience.

2.  Be Consistent

Your story should be consistent across all channels. Who you are, what you do, and why – what is it that motivates you to do it?  If you follow Tip 3 and are authentic then this should be easy.  You need to know who you are, why your company exists and reinforce it everytime you tell your story.

3. Be Authentic

Your story should be real, honest, and authentic – not hype. It is unlikely that you are the best boss in the world but showing how you care for employees. It is also unlikely that your ‘product’ is world-changing, but you can show what difference it makes to the lives if your customers.  If your content isn’t getting shared, it might be because it doesn’t feel authentic enough to your target audience. Or perhaps they feel they have seen it before and your story is a bit cliche or scripted. There is a trend at the moment in B2B marketing, of employees recording short video clips on their high-quality mobile phones, you can be walking about, sat at your desk, or in your factory give tips and share knowledge, let your customers know you are real.

4. Be Varied

Anyone in your company can contribute to the storytelling. They can talk about where they get their ideas to help people, why it is so great working for your company, why they joined your mission. If you implement the video clips from tip 3 you can get other staff to record their tips or how their story is tied to yours.

5. Mix it up

Everyone loves good images that support the text. Offer written stories, with images, or make it fun for people to consume by mixing it up and using video and audio. Encourage your customers to record their testimonials. Consider giving them a few questions or prompts to help get the ball rolling, or sending them a questionnaire. Use images, memes, infographics and more to make your stories stand out.

Storytelling can take your brand to a whole new level. Use these 5 Tips for telling your story to make the most of this form of marketing.

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