Start your own Dropshipping Business in 18 Days – or less!

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This guide is 70 pages and over 14,000 words, and allows the reader to  progress in simple guided steps from wondering what dropshipping is, and how to make money from it to having a dropshipping store up and running in 18 days, or less, (if you progress quicker) .

Some of the chapters in this book :
What is Dropshipping?
How can you make a profit?
Is Dropshipping a good Business model?
What are the negatives of Dropshipping
How to get started?

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The book is packed with advice and instructions separated into 18 Days, If you are not completely new to setting up a website then you could probably complete this in a little of 20 (actual) hours of work.  But it is recommended to pace yourself through the guide and comfortably finish in 18 days

Day 1 – What are your goals and targets?
Day 2 – Choosing a niche
Day 3 Choose a Drop Shipping Service or Platform
Day 4 – Choosing the Right Products
Day 5 – Choosing a good domain
Day 6 – Getting hosting
Day 7 – Installing WordPress
Day 8 – Basic WordPress Setup
Day 9 – Choosing a website theme and design
Day 10 – Create your basic website pages
Day 11 – Set up your store

Day 18 – Choose your authority platform and set up a tracking system

This is a complete guide through the entire process, quite literally;

Step by Step from ‘drop what?’ to ‘ka-ching’ in 18 days, or less!

What are you waiting for?


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