5 Tips For Compelling Subject Lines

5 Tips For Compelling Subject Lines The first thing you need to get right when it comes to email marketing is the subject line. If you can’t get your subscribers to open your emails, it really doesn’t matter how good the actual email is. So I put together 5 tips for compelling subject lines. It’s easy to spend a lot of time crafting a great message and then just slap a subject line on it at the end. Spend some time writing them and see what type of headline gets you good open rates. Here are five tips for compelling subject lines to get you started. Keep It Short You want… Read More

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Free Training

Thank you for visiting plr-printables you are hopefully finding it useful, as a thank you I would like to offer you the chance to get some free training on the essential skills needed to be successful, online.     100% Free Yes, this training is 100% free.  These are not introductory courses where I try to upsell you for another additional and more expensive product.   100% Free No Catches, then why? Honestly, I am offering this free training because I want you to come back to this site and buy some of the great content I have on offer. That’s one of my motivations.  The other is that giving… Read More

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This List Hack Boosts Your Income

Use this List Hack to Boost Your Income Using List Segmentation to Boost Your Income PLR pack 10 PLR Articles, 10 Emails & 1 Short Report, and 10 Social Media Posts on Using List Segmentation to Boost Your Income Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. By segmenting your list which is just a way to break up your audience into different groups based on their behaviour, you’ll have an easier time refining your messages, spurring sales, and encouraging engagement. List segmentation also gives you more opportunity to make your customers feel special. When you send a thank you message or any other follow up emails,… Read More

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30 days of business content every month

This is the ultimate 30 Days of business content EVERY MONTH to help you grow your list and inspire action in your community. Imagine how quickly you could grow engagement and increase your reach if you were able to share targeted content on a particular business and marketing topic for 30 days each month… even better, what if it was easy to follow up with your audience via email to make sure they don’t miss a thing. That’s exactly what our Business Content Plan can do for you.   Every Month You’ll Get: Every Month you will get 30 Articles & 30 Emails (and more … keep reading) Host your… Read More

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