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Cryptocurrency – Ready Made Content

Done-For-You Cryptocurrency ready made content This is Up-to-date content for Summer 2018. I looked at all the other Cryptocurrency ready made content and realised that not only was it out of date, but a lot of the information was untrue, I don’t blame the content creators the concept of cryptocurrency seems complicated with a lot of strange new vocabulary, Merkle Tree, Blockchain, Hash rate, Mining and with the speed that Cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin’ was thrust into the mainstream as we saw in late 2017 made everyone’s head whirl. While Cryptocurrency is not new, the use and application of technologies like Blockchain is still in its infancy and it is this dawn… Read More

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Tech Neck Full Product PLR

I have some Brand New 100% Unique Tech Neck full product PLR. 1 eBook, 4 Blog articles, 2 Videos (8 mins) 2 Audio Files (7 Mins) 8 Cover Images, 4 Social Media Images, 9 Social Media Posts, 13 Exclusive images – ONLY $27 People who use electronic devices for long periods of time are probably suffering from some symptoms of “tech neck” which is becoming more widespread. Most people experience some of the symptoms like soreness or stiffness of the neck and shoulders at the end of the day and these symptoms can, and do, get worse over time. This is a Hot Topic as noted in this article from… Read More

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Habits $7

Forming Habits PLR Pack

This Forming Habits PLR Pack has been specially created as an out of the box product. If you are looking for quality self-help, motivation or self-improvement content to add to your blog or website, then this Forming Habits PLR Pack is for you. Who is it for? Whatever your niche is, if you blog about improving your life, getting healthier, Self-motivation or anything related to becoming more productive then this eBook is bang on the money. If you want to encourage your readers to form new habits you can sell or give away this forming habits eBook. I am selling this not at $17, but for a limited time it can be yours for… Read More

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