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With this content, you can show your readers how to work from home while still enjoying life.

Working from home when you’re used to having your own office, or at the very least a cubicle, can be a bit of a challenge. All of a sudden you are in a very different environment that includes your fridge, your washer and dryer, your TV and these days even your kids.   You may even be staring down a pile of dirty dishes and the internet goes in and out making virtual meetings a bit of a challenge. In other words, you’re out of your regular work environment, and thus out of your routine and everything you do to stay productive. But it has become the norm for many… Read More

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Personal Finance Content Done for you, with Discount.

Save $25 with my coupon code and Pay Only $12 for an Opt in and 10 day eCourse…read below What is this Personal Finance PLR?Unfortunately, most people are not taught how to manage their personal finances.  They go out into the world and start racking up debt with no idea how to get out of it. With this done-for-you content bundle, you’ll be able to teach your audience what personal finance is, how to manage it in their life and how to protect themselves against fraud. In this content bundle, you’ll have a report that you can use as an opt-in and a 10 day eCourse that answers some of the frequently asked… Read More

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Become a Super Ager! 5 Articles, Emails, and Social Media Images

The term super-ager refers to men and women in their 70’s and 80’s who have the mental and physical health of someone decades younger. Studies show age isn’t always an indicator of health or ability when it comes to the older generation. It’s possible for someone to be in their 70’s but biologically be in their 40’s. That’s because some people have the mental and physical stamina of someone much younger despite being considered elderly. There is a natural decline in physical and cognitive ability as we age; however, there isn’t a standard. We can prevent the diminishing of our bodies and brains no matter our age. Super-agers retain high… Read More

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Why Business Planning Is The Secret To Success For The Coming Year

The Secret To Success For The Coming Year In this post I will reveal The Secret To Success For The Coming Year. But first, WOW! Can you believe it! – This weekend we hit the 12th month of 2018. I can hardly believe it – what a year! I started in April 2018 (without a plan) I knew I wanted to launch my a website and earn some money online, really just as a proof of concept and in that respect, it has been a successful year. I earned my first affiliate commission and my first $100 from selling other peoples products. I earnt my first $100 from selling a… Read More

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5 Tips for telling your story

In this post, there are 5 Tips for telling your story, which when done correctly, will increase customer loyalty and boost your sales. Most Marketers know the Rule of seven, it is an old marketing concept that has stood the test of time. It basically means that you need to build a relationship with customers before they buy.  Don’t focus on the number too much, 7 is cited as the number but it is by no means a magic number and the number of interactions that need to take place before a sale varies greatly depending on a number of factors. Just know that it is a number of times… Read More

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