A couple of days ago, Lewis Hamilton won the Belgian grand prix.

You may not be interested in F1 and you may be thinking what has this got to do with me?

 –  But PLEASE bear with me!

It got me thinking – all F1 drivers are extremely skillful and all the race cars are equally powerful.

So what makes a winner?

Well – the way to win a F1 race, is to have a finely tuned race car.

If you can tune it to squeeze out anything that may prove to be an advantage, then you can greatly increase your chances of winning.

Online businesses are similar.

We all have similar machines (websites) and we all have the same opportunity to succeed.

The difference between those who win online and those that don’t, is having a ‘finely tuned machine‘.

So when I got an email today from my favorite PLR creators telling me they were just about to release a new PLR pack all about ‘fine-tuning your marketing‘ I knew i just had to share it with you!

You get: 30 articles, 30 emails, 30 social media posts, eBook compilation, our handy “How to Run an Email Challenge” Guide, an eBook and Workbook.

So Give your business the WINNING ADVANTAGE and pick up your copy today.

This is a 4 Week’s worth of content

Week #1: Fine-Tune Your Funnels

Introduction – How Small Tweaks Can Lead To Big Profit (Why Fine Tune Your Marketing)What’s A Funnel And Map Out What You Already HaveFinding And Fixing The Holes In Your FunnelBranching Out – How Can You Reach More People And Get Them Into Your FunnelLooking At Open And Click Through Rates To Find Ways To Improve Your Email MarketingAsk Your Readers What They Want To Hear About (Or Need Help With)Calculating What Your Subscribers Are WorthThree Ways To Get More People Into Your Funnel

Week #2: Tighten Up Your Backend

What Is The Backend Of Your Business?What Bump Offers & One Time Offers Can Do For Your IncomeYou Do Have A Follow-Up Autoresponder, Right?Not Everything In Your Backend Has To Be Your Own ProductsWhy You Should Redirect Your Affiliate Links And Review Them RegularlyPromoting The Next Thing In Your Info ProductsBranching Out Into Memberships And Coaching

Week #3: Improve Your Offers

What Are You Offering (Taking Inventory)?Audit Your Sales PagesCrafting and Testing Different HeadlinesTime To Play With PricingCould You Add A Bonus To Improve Conversions?Testing And Tracking Every Part Of Your Sales PageSimple Ways To Reduce Refunds and Returns

Week 4 – Grow Your Passive Income 

How To Find Affiliate Products Worth Promoting?Incorporating Affiliate Offers In Your Follow-Up Auto-RespondersLook For Recurring Commissions And Repeat Purchases (lifetime cookies)Create Evergreen Content That SellsDon’t Forget About These Pages (About, Thank You, 404, etc.)Recommending Other People’s Products To Your Customers On AutopilotReview And Evaluate Your Best Sources of Passive Income RegularlyRecap – Look At How Far You’ve Come After A Month of Fine-Tuning Your Marketing.

It WILL help you succeed online.

And of course, it comes with PLR license so you can put your name on it, and become an instant authority and even sell this knowledge to others.

Get this while it is fresh!