In this post, I will break down what is PLR content, why you should use PLR content, and how you should use PLR content in 2018.

Content is King

You will often hear that Content is king. And despite constant evolution and innovation, this is still true. Not only has marketing evolved from selling to informing, but content marketing has evolved too. From article to eBook, infographic,  audio, video and various combinations of.  However, the challenge persists – it takes time to make content (and of course longer to make great content – we’ll come to that in a bit)

You have probably heard of Private Label Rights but I will start with some basic information on what private label rights content actually is, how to find them and the way to use them in your online business.

What is Private Label Rights?

Private label rights, usually written as PLR, is material sold with ‘rights’ to modify and in most cases claim as yours. PLR licenses can be found for articles, ebooks, software, video, audio, and graphics.

Watch this video for a quick and very basic overview explanation of PLR content.

There are, of course, Pros And Cons of using Private Label Rights – PLR content

PLR offers several benefits, and (of course) some issues, as well. The notable benefits are:

Time saver

PLR Content saves time. Rather than developing from an initial thought and creating from scratch, PLR offers you the concept and foundation – the framework if you like,  from which to base your own article or product on. Think of it as ready made content.

Money saver

It is economical. Compared to hiring a freelance writer, videographer, etc, PLR content can be incredibly cheap and allows you more control over the style and end result.

You will want to modify the content. PLR content has a bit of a bad reputation and in some cases, it is deserved. Some content is just poor, but some people just post PRL content as is. Owning PLR rights permits you to do this. But, you can and should edit, arrange and revise the content.

Make something you’re not ashamed to put your name on, Claim possession. As a result of using the content as your base you’re making a completely new piece of content, place your name on it and claim the copyright.


Of course, PLR encompasses a few disadvantages as well:

While several suppliers of quality PLR limit the number of licenses the Non-exclusive nature of PLR (in its initial state) means that invariably, you’re shopping for content that lots of, even thousands of others own. That’s why rewriting it and creating your own products in your own style is crucial.

Free PLR content is usually dry and generic and for the most part unusable for anything more than a starting point. And this is somewhat of a problem for ready-made content or PLR  product creators. Content marketing, even content marketing for providers of content to sell to content marketers, requires you to gain the trust of customers before they buy.

Content marketers usually do this via giveaway products such as free ebooks, free PLR that is not poor quality given away for free is not the same as a lead magnet. But inevitability is used as one and free PLR licences will usually have different conditions in the licence. Is shorter, or lower quality this further damages the reputation of PLR in general.

Some purchased PLR also has license restrictions on how it can be used. There are also MRR (Master Reselling rights) or MRR (Master Marketing Rights (MRR) content. Some PLR materials have these rights or a combination of other rights such as You can’t claim as you own unless more than 50% is changed, so it is worth looking through the license before you buy any PLR Product.

Ways to Use PLR Content

One of the nice benefits to PLR is that you’re restricted solely by your imagination. Here area unit some nice ways in which to use PLR content in your home business:

Blog posts

You don’t need to be a blogger for long to grasp the sobering truth that inventing new ideas is tough. PLR content provides you with these ideas and therefore the basics of a piece of content, blog post or video. All you have got to try and do is repurpose not only the content but the idea of how to use it.

Is the money still in the list?

Yes, and PLR content is a great way to provide an Email list sign-up incentive. If you don’t have an email list, you really need to start building one. Now. However, to encourage sign-ups for your list, a good way is to give a good incentive. PLR ebooks, videos, and alternative content provided as a gift to subscribers are more effective, in most cases than a purchase discount.

Self-publish and sell

Since the wide acceptance of eBooks making and selling information products fits with nearly all business models.PLR Content TechNeck eBook Cover 3D

If you have a website selling a niche product it is fairly simple. Say your niche is coffee you could give away or sell ebooks about types of coffee. Or if you are in the health space eBooks on the importance of vitamins if you sell vitamins.

As an online educator, you maybe sell self-paced home education courses. You could use PLR as an affordable entry or upsell to your product or services. And it doesn’t just have to be eBooks, Audio Books, podcasts, videos are extremely popular these days. There is a huge Market in online courses. Which has fostered the development of some great tools that help you create, market and run online courses.

Thinkific is an amazing platform that allows you to set up a text, audio or video course and even on a free plan, gives you a landing page, an infinite number of courses, and handles registration and payment for the subscribers to your online courses.

How to Use PLR Materials

As I already mentioned the key to success in PLR content is to use it as a framework to create your own. Text content (articles, PLR content Crypto Video Capsebooks etc) may need to be fully rewritten especially if you plan on selling. But also in order to connect with your audience, you should infuse your ideas, thoughts and style into the content. Adding your own ideas and style makes it attention-grabbing for others to easily engage with you and your business and build relationships, which is the key to online (and offline) business success. And why stop at the written word? Create Videos from your PLR content.


I don’t like the term PLR and due to its negative image I much prefer it to be called ready made content or brandable content.  Any great writer will tell you that the basis for a great piece of writing is someone else’s writing. Have you ever wondered why good versus evil is a popular theme? All through history stories follow this theme – it is a format that works.

PLR content can provide the framework for your own great content and the key to PLR Content and how to use it in 2018 is just that; use it as a framework for your own great content, and be creative with the types of content that you produce with it. And the good news is PLR content creators are evolving too. You can now get some great PLR content packs that include voice, video, SNS images and so on.  PLR content is so much more in 2018. It is a ready made, brandable, framework for saving time and money in a competitive market where achieving success goes beyond the content itself.