2 Years Ago I set out to try to earn money online, and as you are reading this, then the chances are you are somewhere along in your journey too. An most likely you are struggling to make money.

There are 3 reasons why you are failing.

  1. The method you are following is bullshit
  2. You have no list
  3. You have no traffic

Let’s dive into each in more detail

1. The method you are following is bullshit

Yes, Bullshit. Sorry to say but if you have invested money on Warriorplus or JVZoo and implemented the method and it has failed, the most likely reason is that it is bullshit. There are so many methods promising to earn you $100’s or $1000’s a day but chances are they are either outdated, or just plain made up. – Don’t get me wrong there is still money to be made online but the so-called gurus rarely share a method that is working for them, until it stops working. Many vendors on W+ etc follow this process

  • Try a new method to make money online
  • Method works
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • Method stops working
  • write a case study
  • package it as a WSO
  • make money on Product

I have Studied no end of methods and that is my conclusion – if you disagree, prove it!

2. You have no list

If you have no list then you have next to no chance of making money, until you have one. But, don’t despair you can build a list and there are several methods that work. When you use the popular “offer something for free in exchange for an email address” method of list building you most likely end you with a list of mostly freebie hunters. Without a list then there is no one to email offers to, which cuts out a large opportunity to make money online.

3. You have no traffic

No matter what you do online, if it involves a website or social media and you don’t have traffic, then you will fail. Getting traffic is hard, whatever method you use, paid ads, search ads, or any organic traffic generation methods. Paid methods can easily become disproportionately expensive competition is high and in some cases, you won’t even get ads approved in the MMO niche, google hates us.


The biggest obstacles facing making money online are the 3 I have mentioned above, you need to wade through the bullshit and find a real method that works, you need a list of ‘Buyers’ and you need Traffic, if you are suffering then it is probably for one or all of these reasons.

In my next few posts, I will look at the types of methods available and call bullshit on those that are, well… Bullshit.