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365 Days of Positive Affirmations 1

Reaching your goals and making changes stick can be difficult. Using positive affirmations as part of your strategy can play a big part in your success.

Get this 7,349 word  / 17.5 page report and get your readers started on using positive affirmations for their happier and more successful life.

You could use it as a lead magnet to grow your list, or use it as a bonus for a product,  or you could even turn into your own course for sale…the choice is endless.

365 Days of Positive Affirmations 2

Topics Included:

  • Uncovering the Big Picture Details
  • Setting the Stage for Success
  • Turning Possibilities into Probabilities
  • Affirmation/Statement Types
  • Affirmation Sources
  • Affirmation Confirmations
  • Writing/Altering Affirmations
  • Using Affirmations Effectively
  • Powerful Practices for Rewarding Results
  • 365 Affirmations including:
  • Confidence-Self-Esteem Affirmations
  • Relationships and Love Affirmations
  • Prosperity and Abundance Affirmations
  • Health Affirmations
  • Work and Career Affirmations
  • Motivation-Encouragement Affirmations
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